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Building Principles & Practices

 Every Woman Can Build!



 We have chosen design & construction methods

that meet several important Building Principles & Practices here at Outland


o        As harmonious with and non-disruptive to the land as possible


o        Respectful and honoring of plant, animal and rock life


o        Accessible in the spectrum of what that means physically— walker, wheelchair, scents, light or sound pollution, chemical or environmental sensitivities, etc.


o        Affordable and doable

                  Can be build at minimal expense by one woman with a little help in one year




o        Nontoxic, natural and recycled materials. 

      Green & environmentally sound, alternative electric & water systems


o        Water collection, gray water & composting toilets


o        Principles and skills readily learned by women with little experience or expanded on by women with a range of experience. Buildable by women with few skills.


o        Relatively quick and easy to construct and maintain


o        Fitting to women’s needs and bodies


o        Aligned with Simple Living values-- small enough to be simple and large enough to meet our needs


o        Beautiful


o        Safe, Fun, Inspiring, Expanding, Confidence-building





   Design Elements of our 2009 Outlandish Adobe Cabins


 Design elements we consider or use for our Outlandish Adobe cabins


o        Post & beam frame— fast, inexpensive, sturdy


o        Concrete stem on floating footing  

o        Adobe plaster and “Puddled” / poured adobe between the posts and beams—fast, inexpensive, durable


o        Shed metal roof—fast, inexpensive, durable


o        Extensive glass doors & windows— to blur distinction between indoors and outdoors, for lightness and airiness, spaciousness & passive solar gain


o        Easily maintained— protected adobe, metal roof, metal-clad glass, accessible materials


o        Range of physical and financial accessibility features


o        Energy-efficient and alternative systems— solar hot water, composting toilets, energy efficient appliances, roof water collection and storage, gray water system, solar or wind generated electricity, composting toilets, etc



Construction Steps & Phases You Can Experience

  • Site


  • Tool Use & Safety


  • Foundation, Post & Beam Frame, Roof
  • Floor

  • Adobe Plaster


  • Windows/Doors, Frame Walls, Insulation


  • Electric System, Plumbing


  • Water Collection & Gray Water


  • Composting Toilet


  • Sealing & Trim
  • Counters & Shelves




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