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Connie Collins

Woodworking & Clay

Massage & Reiki

    We are ever so lucky to have Connie with us for several weeks as one of the marvelous women contributing behind the scenes doing the ongoing tasks that make this Season possible.  And, like others of us, she will return home in September to begin construction of her own woman-built house.
        Connie offers us times when we can come together to creatively express with both woodworking and clay.  Not so much a teaching experience as a playful exploration.  Fun!
      Plus, Connie is available all of July and August for personal massage or Reiki sessions, on a sliding scale.
Connie says:  My life is indeed a patchwork of experience and accomplishments.  Learning to acknowledge my accomplishments is one of my accomplishments! I have successfully raised five children.  My daily living experience is no longer based on a very difficult past and I celebrate every coping skill I have collected along the way.  I walk on a solid foundation of true self-love and healthy self-esteem.  I currently own my own lawn care and handy woman business and work part time with medical billing.  I am a certified Massage and Reiki Practitioner and I study, practice and coach others in the art of the “Law of Attraction” within the experience of our daily living.  That is how I found this wonderful retreat in New Mexico!


    I am looking forward to sharing with others in the experience of basic woodworking and the safe and effective use of power tools.  My belief is that with a few basics under your belt you increase your skills and confidence.


    I also wish to share the basics of Massage.  Tender, compassionate touch is so very healing to the human soul.  The art of healing touch is within all of us.  Again a few basics, intention, permission, and the simple and powerful experience of healing touch and we see how effective one person can be in calling forth the comfort and wellness in one another and ourselves.
    Working with clay can be a great avenue for creativity.  Imagine treating the outside of the house you build as a canvas of artwork.  Let's explore the basics of hand-building clay sculpture and objects and have fun getting our hands dirty.  


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