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Welcome to Ellen Shapiro

Working with Ellen is a wondrous opportunity

to really focus on your Wholeness on an energetic level.


 Aliveness & Self Discovery

Increase Your Vitality & Life Force

During Wholeness/ Healing Intensive Week 13,  July 4-11


Chakra play & exploration

through movement, breath and experiential process.


     Learn about and then experience the power of your chakras-- energy transformers in the body. The chakras are a keyto greater energy, radiant health, balanced emotions and a more solid foundation for your whole life.

Reconnect to your body, your aliveness, and your lightness of heart and mind with movement, visualization and experiential activities. We’ll explore the chakras over the two days~ a healing and energizing journey of transformation.



 Day 1:  Body Reconnection

Your energy system, your body & the chakras


    Explore & Energize Chakras 1-3: Connecting to the body, getting grounded, issues about survival and getting needs met-- safety, nurturance, food, sexuality, attachment, personal power/ boundaries.


 Day 2:  Spiraling Upwards while staying grounded in the body

Your emotions and the chakras


      Explore & Energize Chakras 4-7: Healing the heart, speaking our Truth, Opening to Intuition, Higher Guidance and spirituality

      What will we be doing? Expect a mixture of activities and teaching elements sourced from:

●Yoga & meditation

●Polarity therapy (A system of natural healing from India that includes gentle touch and energy work. All touch is respectful and by permission only)

●Kripalu Dancekinetics ® or yoga dance (creative dance & movement).

●Resonance Repatterning ®(a process for clearing limiting beliefs and healing

through the mind-body connection)


With room for spontaneous flow guided by the spirit of the land and the group.


 Gratitude, Abundance & Manifesting Magic

Discovering What You Want

& How to Draw It To You

 During Wholeness/ Healing Intensive Week 21,  August 22-29


    You’re already a powerful manifestor... now learn how to consciously direct your ability to manifest and create more of what you really want. Explore what is blocking you from more abundance, personal freedom, creative self-expression, a great relationship, health or family



Both Days

Movement, meditation, self-discovery exercises

Spontaneous flow guided by the spirit of the land and the group



Day 1:  Resonance Repatterning Session

 based on the laws of vibrational attraction


Day 2: Vision Board/ Treasure Mapping



 About Ellen Shapiro

Great news

    We are thrilled that Ellen is staying at Outland for several weeks and is offering her range of skills and talents to all of us whenever she is here. Women, this is a wondrous opportunity to work with Ellen as part of her two marvelous Workshops in July and August as well as privately. 


Ellen is an experienced workshop leader, energy healer, and therapist


and prosperity coach.  She’s been studying and working as a healer for


more than 20 years and has many different trainings in bodywork,


energy and mind-body healing. She’s also been intensely involved with


meditation and yoga and her own journey of healing and self-realization


during that time, including several career & identity reinventions.  Her


question is always, “What works?  What gets people unstuck and


moving forward quickly yet in balance?”  



Her joy is to encourage and inspire women poised at the edge of great change (or recovering from it!)  By creating an atmosphere of safety, support and compassion, where you can feel deeply seen and heard, you gain a sense of


expansion and opening to new possibilities, and feel empowered and confident to go for what you really want.   



Ellen is known for her compassion, wisdom,  and wisdom and ability to help people make breakthroughs to a happier life. What she offers is rooted in her years of practice, wide-ranging study and putting what she learns into practice


in her own life.  Along the way she has added many wonderful tools to her toolkit for helping clear limitations.  These include certifications or master level trainings in Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Gestalt, Resonance Repatterning and Kripalu Yogadance/Danskinetics, and the Sedona method.  Ellen was recently certified


as a Prema Birthing (spiritual rebirth) practitioner also. 



Whether you’re starting a new career or phase of your life, healing from illness, loss or stress, or moving through any kind of life or spiritual transition, she can help you get unstuck and move forward—effectively, yet with ease and grace.   




Individual/ Private Sessions

Resonance Repatterning (Individual -75 minutes; Couples -90 minutes)

Compassionate Energy Balancing Bodywork Using 

Polarity/ Reiki, breath, sound aromatherapy & more (60 minutes)

Prema Birthing sessions (60 minutes)


Sliding Scale Fees

Resonance Repatterning

    ~individual $150 to $85  ~couple $200 to $135


 Prema Birthing or Bodywork

One hour sessions

Sliding scale $100 – $65 per hour





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