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Erin Lloyd Ortigoza

Sustainable Living Week Intensive May 16-24

Permaculture Principles & Your Garden 

 May 16-18

Opening Circle Friday Eve, Sessions Saturday Afternoon & Evening plus Sunday Morning


Hello Everyone!
    I am so very excited to share with you my love for creating spaces based in Permaculture design principles!  
    A little about myself:  I am currently enrolled at UNM in the Landscape Architecture Master's program.  I have also received a degree in Anthropology.  I spent a little over 2 years in the Peace Corps, living in Paraguay, South America, working with the Paraguayans in organizing and achieving sustainable agricultural practices on their land.  
    I am passionate about so many things in life... I am drawn to holistic healing, and I practice Core Synchronism, a type of subtle bodywork which aligns the many levels of being for congruency, balance and health.  I am also a licensed massage therapist, and integrate energy work into every treatment, because I have found it difficult to facilitate sustainable relaxation while underlying tension still plagues a person. 
    I believe in Magic and continuously wonder at the myriad ways we are blessed to explore Manifestation in our daily experiences.  I am a continual student of varying spiritual paths, and though I ascribe to none exclusively, I find deep satisfaction and resonance with the underlying Truths which permeate without distinction.  I also informally study quantum physics, eastern and western esotericism, and human conciousness, and absolutely love conversations regarding metaphyscial perspectives of reality! I believe that our external experiences tend to mirror our inner expereinces, and through this correspondance, I find the presence of a balanced physcial environment deeply tied to inner peace and revelation of creativity.  
    What I hope you take from this weekend workshop in Permaculture are some concrete ideas for ways to work with your own land, and some inspirational ideas for a foundation from which you can continue to explore this fascinating topic.  We will make an "A" frame tool, which is a rustic way to gauge the slope on your land... very important for erosion control.  We will make sponges for the trees to conserve more water, and we will also explore ways of contouring the land to restore native vegetation over time.  We will talk about sheet mulch, (focusing on the importance of soil and microorganism health, especially in the desert SW), we will discuss soil rehab techniques, and do a demonstration plot... We will get dirty!  
    I will talk about various planting choices and we will discuss native options for low water landscapes. I would also like to do a design activity for your own spaces, so bring your questions and be prepared to think about your personal needs for productive land space.  We will have a bit of lecture, questions and answers throughout, and LOTS OF FUN!!
    You may want to bring gloves, water bottles, and work clothes.  Drawing materials will be provided, as will materials to construct the A frame, and the outdoor demonstrations.


    In addition, for an evening program related to invisible permaculture structures, I will show a documentary on MONEY! which shows how permaculture design strategies can be utilized in social, fiscal, lega, etc aspects of life, even when the immediate systems are not as tangible (as a garden is, for example). I have found this documentary extremely helpful and insightful, offering a unique perspective on the reality of our relationship with finances in today‚Äôs world.




Jae adds

    We are delighted that Erin is joining us for the weekend.  She is so skilled and knowledgeable.  This Sustainability Week Intensive with Erin and the following days with Pascha are truly one of the highlights of our outstanding workshop season. 

Complete details on Pascha's fantastic 3 days of Sustainability topics on her Facilitator page.

    Plus, rounding out this marvelous week on Thursday we have a fun day with jody's Recording Our Lives: Basic Film.

This is a wonderful opportunity to chat with Erin who is offering pro bono private consultations on your permaculture questions.


During this weekend and her other stays on the land later in the summer, Erin also offers private sessions for Core Synchronism Bodywork. Erin is a Level Two practitioner of this healing art with over two years of experience.  She welcomes opportunities to work with women facilitating balance on many levels.


Pascha will be offering her incredible Healer skills later in the week.

This is a wonderful opportunity and we encourage you to prioritize your Healing work with  Erin& Pascha during this incredible week.  Make your appointments and payment arrangements directly with them. 




Erin's Albuquerque Yard 







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