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  2009 Outlandish

Women Build Our Own Houses 






Adobe Workshops 

What a Range of Experiences




Learn ~ Build ~ Create ~ Heal  

Fun ~ Inspiration ~ Connection




Reservations available for 9 night / 10 day workshops

July 10-19

August 7-16


   One core focus all season is basic Construction principles, tool use, and skill development through instruction, course materials, and lots of hands-on practice so you can go home & actually build.

    A second primary focus is the opportunity to Connect with and listen to ourSelves. What we women often most lack is self-confidence along with confidence in Self. There is ample opportunity to Connect with ourSelves, the Earth, each other & Spirit. We have a rare chance to find and Listen to our own authentic Voice. When we feel Connection, Creative Expression & Healing are also almost inevitable-- what an inspiring and life-expanding package! 

 It is this blend of Learning, Connection, Creativity & Healing that we believe creates the ideal Workshop Experience.

     We encourage and want to work with you to make it possible for you to come for as long as you are able. 



Circles & Ceremony

    Circles and Ceremony are a way of Connecting, to consciously gather and honor. We move in ourSelves, with each other and between worlds differently when we are quiet, singing, drumming, or celebrating. We set aside space to circle for full moons, solstices, eqinoxes and cross-quarter days. Plus for other Honorings that are fitting to the time and participants. 
     We feel our Wholeness when we Connect and feel our Connection when we Honor. We want to celebrate and honor the Earth and each other in every possible way. 

Healing/ Healers

     Simply being on this incredible land nudges us into Connection, into Wholeness. The tone here and the caring women draw us into inner and outer Harmony. We sense our power to Self-Heal. We realize how much of dis-ease is simply a physical expression of our belief in dis-ease as well as  the lack of belief in ourselves.
    Sometimes it’s helpful to have assistance with our Healing Journey. We expect women with a range of Healing Skills to be on the land over the course of the workshop season. There will be opportunities for individual work with each of them to assist us with our movement into Wholeness. Each Healer/ Practitioner sets her own schedule and fees. 

Creativity & Expression

    As we connect with ourSelves, the Earth, each other and Spirit, movement into Wholeness is a natural extension. And, we also find ourSelves wanting to express our movements. Creativity & Expression are natural almost inevitable extensions of Connection.  

     Sometimes we want more direction or focus on particular skills or expressions and assistance adds to our inspiration. We expect women with a range of Artistic and Creative Skills to be on the land.  There will be opportunities for individual work with and instruction from them. Here again, each Mentr sets her own schedule and fees.



Beds & Meals

Our Retreat Webhome gives you a sense of this land, our rooms and who we are. www.NMWomensRetreat.org


We are reserving several Outland sleeping spaces for Workshop participants. This includes shared rooms, lofts and tents with beds, cots, & mattresses. Rooms are usually shared and some Guest Houses are set up as cozy equipped mini-dorms. It is helpful if you can bring your own tent and camping bedding. Need determines who sleeps where.


For an additional fee, it is possible that we can provide a private room for an individual woman or couple. Talk with Jae.


Whether you are in a room, loft or tent, you have ongoing access to all facilities in the Hearth, our Main House.


We have great well water and several solar-heated showers.


Most food, except treats and specialty items, is included in your sliding-scale Workshop donation. Our yummy meals are made as much as possible from organic, unprocessed and local ingredients. There are always vegetarian and vegan options as well as some meat dishes.  Food is always available to you.


You’ll need to provide most of your own sodas, snacks and treat foods. Please, no cigarettes, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.




We all share cooking tasks, the Connection of feeding and being fed. Women, we do eat well!  



Outland, an Incredible Land

     1000 gorgeous high desert acres to hike and savor, 1½ miles from the nearest neighbor. Live with a spectrum of wildlife and howl with the coyotes. Immerse in the Expansive skies, red-clay mesas, rocky ridges and profound Spirit of this truly amazing land. Yes, there is still majik!   There is much more information and photos at our WebHome.



Accessibility—Physical & Financial


The Sliding Scale is one way we try to make Outland and the Workshops financially accessible. Our lowest sliding scale rates are already subsidized. If you cannot afford the bottom of the suggested sliding scale, offer whatever you can afford. Talk with Jae to explore what is possible. It is most important to us that you are able to be at the Workshops and to be at Outland for as long as you wish to stay. We will do what we can to make that possible.


    Talk with Jae about physical accessibility needs. GuestHouses and Main House are wheelchair accessible. Movement on the land or between buildings requires walking or a vehicle which we can sometimes provide.  Construction sites are not wheelchair or walker friendly.




    We try to keep all spaces as much as possible scent-free and ask you to use scent-free products, avoid perfumes, essential oils, scented lotions or shampoos, etc.  We provide unscented products in each building.


    Mi Casa and Honey House are also dander-free.  A dog lived in Bluebird a year ago and a cat in our Main House a year ago.  We will be using electric mixers for concrete and adobe.   Meals will as much as possible accommodate your food requirements.


      Purchasing an Accessibility Golf Cart is high on our priority list as soon as we can afford. We regret that It is not likely possible for the 2009 Workshop Season. Ah ha, smile, 2010 is another year….




What Your Workshops Include 

 Instruction & Instruction Materials, Hands-on Building,

Meals & Bed, Range of Activities

Access to Land & All Facilities, Library, Hottub

Personal Growth, Skill Development, Fun, Connection, Creativity, Healing






9 nights / 10 day


Women Build Our Won Houses


& Adobe Workshops


Private Room

*     Sliding scale     $900 - $720 One woman

*     Add $540 - $260 for 2nd woman in shared bed

*     Add $70 - $50 each night over 9. 2nd woman add $50 - $20


*     Private room often available for full Workshop stay only

*     Private rooms are available for any length of stay for Guests not participating in the Workshops (at regular Guest House rates, not Workshop rates)


Loft or Dorm

*     Sliding Scale     $720-$540

*     Add $50-20 each night over 9.  Subtract for each night under 9.


Tent or small RV

*     Sliding scale     $630 - $540

*     Add $50-$20 each night over 9.  Subtract for each night under 9.


     Again, if even the subsidized bottom of the sliding scale is beyond you, do talk with Jae to see if further subsidy is available.



Registration includes

course materials, instruction, bed, meals

activities and access to our facilities and marvelous 1000 high desert acres



Talk with Jae about making your stay affordable

or about tax-deductible donations to help make land and events accessible to more women.


If you can offer more than the top of the sliding scale, it is most helpful to help make this amazing land and the Outlandish Adobe Workshops available to as many women as possible.

     When choosing your payment, please consider your assets, investments, employment or income potential, and other resources. Please note also that the low end of the sliding scale does not cover the cost of food, materials, tool kit, and other per-participant expenses.


Your deposit reserves your space.  Talk to Jae if this amount is a challenge.  We regret that there is a limited enrollment.


If you cancel, your deposit is refundable-- minus a $100/ workshop fee. 




You Can Indeed Help! – Donations or Loans

    Outland can sure use whatever you are able to donate (tax-deductible) or loan to subsidize participation by low income women or help purchase building materials. 


     Thanks to the new living spaces we are building during the Workshops, materials loans can be repaid from Guest House income.  Your $7500 loan covers site preparatin, building materials and appliance costs for a small beautiful cabin. We expect to repay all loans within 3 years.  Needless to say,  Jae would love to talk with you about options. Big smile.


Whether you attend the Adobe Workshops or not, if you are in a position to make a tax-deductible donation, please consider offering what you can to help make it possible for us to sponsor these Events and for low income women to participate in these skill- and confidence-building Workshops.





Tax-deductible check to Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc.  

PO Box 130, Serafina NM  87569



Your 2009 Outlandish Workshop Season 

is a unique opportunity 

to learn and practice,

have fun and play, explore,

read and write, create and heal

unfold and expand


on a land that is remote & tranquil 

in a nourishing & inspiring woman’s environment



We invite you to join us,

to be part of the fun & inspiration


We Look Forward to Sharing

this Incredible Land & Experience

With You!















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