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Key to enter is   YES! 


Sponsored by Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc

our 501-c-3 Nonprofit


 Your Donations Make Possible

These Workshops & Our Woman, Earth & Spirit Projects

That Benefit & Expand Possibilities for Women

Co-sponsored by Estrogenerations, Inc 



at Outland



We Invite You to Our

2008 Outlandish Women's Workshops

Woman-Built Adobe GuestHouse 




New Mexico Women's GuestHouse

Retreat & Healing Center

& Adobe Building Season

Outland, New Mexico     April 4-August 31, 2008

JaeHaggard@gmail.com       505-421-2533

  ~  Click links in Sidebar for more specific information. ~


      Come on in and browse an incredible spectrum of Outlandish Spring and Summer possibilities.   What great fun and how expanding it all is on every level.  We offer 21, count them oh wow, weeks of Workshops starting Friday April 4.  Plus, each week includes a Weekend Workshop Exploration to begin the week. 

OVERVIEW. 21 weekly Workshops summarized or CHRONOLOGICAL List

     Women, we do have wondrous choices.  Smile.  We sure hope you can join us.

    There are activities for a spectrum of interests and skill levels.  We offer sliding scales to be more accessible to women with limited resources and so you can help make it possible for others to attend if you have more abundance.  Prices

     I am simply thrilled with the wondrous women coming to Facilitate, the breadth of topics, the number of women coming to stay for weeks to make these Workshops possible & with your presense here.  For detailed info on each Workshop, Facilitator and for photos go the the page designated for each Facilitator.   List of Facilitators

       So, women, jump on in and here we go.... YES!




~ Gift YourSelf a Plentitude of Opportunity ~

To immerse

Listen to yourSelf

 Enjoy this amazing land

To Connect, Create & Heal


~ Workshop Goals ~

Each woman returns home empowered and with

*    A Feeling of Big Self and with the Self-confidence to plan & build our own simple structures or homes. With the Confidence in Self to Listen to and trust our Intuition.

*    Basic understanding & skills to actually start building & to problem solve during construction

*   A sense of the delight & satisfaction of Building &


*    Expanded skills for building / working cooperatively with other women

*   Resources for further information & skill development

*    Expanded personal development, new friends, a greater sense of Wholeness

*   A desire to go on Creating & Healing


And, in general, feeling refreshed, appreciated, inspired & energized




I invite You to Join Us

for as long as your schedule allows

~ Jae~

~ 3 Kinds of Workshop Experience ~ 


We consider this full-spectrum blend key to the ideal Workshop experience.


A.  Adobe Building Weeks.  Our ongoing one-week 7-night Friday-FridayTo expand your experience, each week begins with a different Weekend Workshop Exploration.  We welcome you to attend whichever Workshops tantalize you.  Begins with supper & Opening Circle Friday and ends with breakfast the folowing Friday.  Begins with supper & Opening Circle Friday and ends with breakfast Friday. 

  Sliding scale for the 7-night stay including Weekend Exploration is 

$220-$590.   $220/ wk deposit


B.  Workshop Intensives.  Our One-Week Friday-Friday 7-night Wood Cabin Construction, Building Repair, Sustainable Living, Wholeness/ Healing/ Creativity, Adobe Plaster and Cob. Begins with supper & Opening Circle Friday and ends with breakfast Friday.

  Sliding scale for the 7-night stay including Weekend Exploration is

$220-$590.   $220/ wk deposit 

                  (Add $100 for Becky Bee's Cob Intensive)


C.  Weekend Workshop Explorations.  Our weekly 2-night on a range of Construction, Creativity, and Healing/ Wholeness themes. Begins with Friday supper & Opening Circle, ends with Sunday lunch & closing circle.  Exploration sessions on Saturday-Sunday.

$120-$290.   $120/ wkend deposit 



Talk with Jae to make arrangements.

Please donate as generously as your resources allow to help make these experiences possible.



A.  Adobe Building Weeks

Weeks 5-6, 8-11, 13, 15-17, 20

 Workshops run weekly beginning with Friday supper and ending with breakfast the following Friday.

That’s 7 incredible nights & full-spectrum days in each Week beginning April 4.


    Oh what incredible fun—come and build cabins with a wondrous group of other women. Put your hands to the wood and clay and learn by doing.  If you cannot come for the entire week, we invite you to attend our wondrous range of Weekend Explorations.

    Adobe Building Workshops and some Weekend Workshops are facilitated by Jae Haggard who has built houses or other buildings for women in a range of designs in several states since 1974.  Several wondrously talented women are facilitating the various Weekend Explorations on Healing, Creativity or Construction.  Deliciously full weeks 

    Included in each Outlandish Adobe week is a review of a range of basic construction principles, safety and tool use to make sure you understand the scope no matter when you attend.   YOU CAN Build a House!

    We figure about 4 hours of a spectrum of hands-on construction experience & instruction 4 days per week.  That leaves lots of opportunity for other activities, connecting and the Weekend Explorations.  We plan to build at least 3 adobe cabins in staggered stages of construction so we all can experience most construction phases during whichever weeks we attend.   Learn by Doing 

     Naturally, the basic rhythm of each day includes great meals, relaxation, hot tubs, hikes, singing, games, conversation & more.    A Wonderful Spectrum of Activities & Alone Time

     To expand your week, each weekend we offer a different Weekend Exploration theme. You can choose you Workshop Week according to what Weekend Explorations tickle you most. 

    Or, you are also invited to come just Friday to Sunday to enjoy the Weekend Exploration, great food, fun activities & wonderful women.


 We consider this full-spectrum blend key to the ideal Workshop experience.

Connection, Personal Growth, Creativity, Wholeness/Healing



B.  One-Week Workshop Intensives

Weeks 1-5, 7, 12, 14, 16, 18-21  

All one-week Workshops begin with supper & opening circle Friday eve

& end with chekcout the following Friday morn.

 Focus Topics:  Wood Cabin, House Repair, Sustainable Living,
Wholeness/ Healing, Clay Floor & Plaster, Projects, Creativity
    Wow what an inspiring array of Topics with daily Monday-Thursday sessions to encourage ongoing expansion.  Some weeks focus on the extensive breadth of talents of one Facilitator and other weeks include a luscious buffet of topics by several Facilitators.  Some Weekend Exlorations are on the same theme which creates a 10-day potential immersion.  What a marvelous time with such gifted Facilitators.  Here too we emphasize a lot of hands-on experience. 
        Intensives are an opportunity to immerse even more fully into Creativity, Wholeness/ Healing or some aspect of Building.  Often the Weekend Exploration on either end of the week is on the same theme.  Sometimes both weekends are, like Becky Bee's fantastic 10-day Cob Intensive. (extra fee for second weekend).


    Several incredibly talented women are facilitating the various Intensives as well as the Weekend Explorations on Healing, Creativity or Construction.  We really encourage you to come for any of these Intensives that call to you-- they will assuredly be highlights of an already remarkable season.
         Join Erin and Pascha for our Permaculture & Sustainable living Intensive in May-- covers a wondrous and fun range and lots of hands-on too. 
        Wholeness/ Healing in June features several incredibble Practitioners. (and we're trying to arrange an  AC & Solar Electric for Your Cabin Intensive).
        In July we offer another range of Wholeness/ Healing with an equally outstanding group of Facilitators plus an Adobe Floor & Plaster Intensive.
        August is packed with a superlative series of Intensives.  We'll actually build compost toilets and water collection systems as well as learn to run water lines and plumb sinks and tubs in our Projects Intensive.  Then those 10 marvelous days of building cob hot tubs, making a model of your clay project,  learning the principles of and actually building with cob, plus sculpting with cob.   Just as outstanding is a week plus a weekend with also internationally known Liliana Kleiner facilitating a range of Creativity Experiences.  We  fittingly end August with our final week of Wholeness/ Healing again with several gifted Practitioners as well as wrapping up our Adobe Building.

    Workshop Sessions generally range from 2-5 hours and are usually held each day except Friday.  That leaves plenty of opportunity for other activities and Connecting. 

    Always, smile, the basic rhythm of each day includes great meals, relaxation, hot tubs, hikes, singing, games, conversation & more.  




C.  Weekend Workshop Explorations

Every Weekend May through August       

We offer a marvelous variety of Explorations to further expand ourselves and to really round out your Outlandish Workshop Week experience.

    Weekends focus on Creativity or Whoeness/ Healing or a facet of Building. Often the Exploration topic expands on the theme of the week workshop. We have 17 Facilitators, each high skilled in her area and each looking to help provide the expansion you are looking for.  We simply cannot praise these women and their abilities highly enough. They are outstanding. See the Chronological List of Wrokshops or the 21-Week Overview pages.  Links in Sidebar. 

    You are welcome to stay for an extra Weekend or to come just for a Weekend.  We encourage you to come for as long as your schedule allows. 



~ Join  Us to Focus on You ~

Your Learning, Expansion, Wellness, Creative Expression

Your Connection to Self, Earth, Others & Spirit






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