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If you need info from any page, contact Jae.


  Programs to Benefit & Expand Possibilities for Women

also sponsored by Estrogenerations, Inc


Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc

Our 501-c-3 Nonprofit Corporation    


 www.NMWomensRetreat.org     JaeHaggard@gmail.com


2008 Outlandish Women's Adobe Building

& Workshops Season


April 4 - August 31, 2008

 21 Weeks & 42 Workshops



Woman-Built Adobe GuestHouse




    Come on in and browse an incredible range of Outlandish Spring & Summer possibilities.  What great fun and how expanding it all is on every level.  

We offer 21, count them oh wow, weeks of Workshops starting Friday April 4.  Plus, to really round out your Outlandish experience, each week begins with a Weekend Workshop Exploration focusing on Creativity, Healing or Building.  Women, we do have wondrous choices.  Smile. We sure hope you can join us! 

  Ahhh, activities for a spectrum of interests and skill levels.  Plus, we offer sliding scale prices to be more accessible to all women. 

 I am simply thrilled with the wondrous Facilitators, the breadth of topics, how many volunteers are coming to stay for weeks to make these Workshops possible, and with your presence here with us. Photos and detailed info on each Facilitator and Workshop on the Facilitator’s designated page. 

So, women,  jump on in and here we go… YES!


~ Gift YourSelf This Opportunity ~



Listen to YourSelf 

Relish This Amazing Land

Learn, Expand, Connect, Create & Heal



~ Workshop Goals ~

 Each Woman Returns Home Empowered and with

 ~  Feeling of Big Self & with the Self-confidence to plan & build our own simple home or structure

 ~  Confidence in Self to listen to & trust our Intuition

 ~  Basic understanding & skills to actually start building & to problem solve during construction

 ~  Expanded skills for building / working cooperatively with others

 ~  Sense of the delight & satisfaction of building

 ~  Resources for further information & skill development

 ~  Expanded personal development, new friends, a greater sense of Wholeness

 ~  Desire to continue Creating & Healing


Feeling Refreshed, Appreciated, Inspired & Energized



 I Invite You to Join Us

For as long as your schedule allows.

~ Jae ~


~ 3 Kinds of Workshop Experience ~

Live, Learn, Build, Connect, Create, Heal

We consider this full-spectrum blend key to the ideal Workshop

 Summaries of every Workshop


1.      Adobe Building Weeks .  Our ongoing one-week seven-night Friday-Friday building weeks.  To expand your experience, each week begins with a different Weekend Workshop Exploration.  Join us for supper & Opening Circle Friday eve and complete your week with breakfast the following Friday.


Sliding scale for 7-night stay including Weekend Exploration is

 $590-$220.   $220 per week deposit.

Please be as generous as your resources allow.


2.     Workshop Intensives.  Our One-Week Friday-Friday 7-night deeper experiences in Wood Cabin construction, Building Repair, Sustainable Living, Wholeness/ Healing, Creativity, Adobe Plaster, Building Projects and Cob.  Join us for supper & Opening Circle Friday eve and complete your week with breakfast the following Friday.

 Sliding scale for 7-night stay including Weekend Exploration is

$590-$220.   $220 per week deposit.

Please be as generous as your resources allow.

(Note additional fee for Becky Bee's Intensive & Explorations)


3.     Weekend Workshop Explorations.  Our weekly 2-night Explorations on a range of Creativity, Wholeness/ Healing, Construction and Fun Topics.  Join us for Friday eve supper and Opening Circle and wrap up your visit with Sunday lunch.  Depending on topic, 2-5 hour sessions Saturday & Sunday.


Sliding scale for 2-night stay & Weekend Exploration is

$290-$120.   $120 per weekend deposit.


We also offer a monthly sliding scale of $1770-$660/month.

Talk with Jae to offer what you can afford. 

Please donate as generously as your resources allow

to help make these Workshops both

possible & more accessible to other women.



 Hummingbird in Mi Casa, womon-built adobe GuestRoom

more photos


 1.  Adobe Building Weeks

Chronological List of Workshops, Facilitators & Topics


Workshops run weekly Friday to Friday

7 incredible nights & full-spectrum days 



    Oh what incredible fun—come and build cabins with a wondrous group of other women.  Put your hands to the wood and clay and learn by doing.  Stay an extra weekend if you are able.  If you cannot come for the entire week, we invite you to attend our wondrous range of Weekend Explorations.


 Adobe Building Workshops and some Weekend Explorations are facilitated by Jae Haggard (take link for photos and more info) who has built houses or other buildings for women in a range of designs in several states since 1974.  Several wondrously talented women are facilitating the various Weekend Explorations on Creativity, Wholeness/ Healing and Fun Topics.  Deliciously Full Weeks.

 Included in each Adobe Building Week is a review of a range of basic construction principles, safety and tool use to make sure you understand the scope no matter when you attend.  YOU CAN Build a house. 

 We figure about four hours of a spectrum of hands-on construction experience & instruction four days per week.  That leaves lots of opportunity for other activities, connecting, and the Weekend Exploration.  We plan to build at least three adobe cabins in staggered stages of construction so we all can experience most construction phases during whichever weeks we attend.   Learn by Doing.


Naturally, the basic rhythm of each day includes great meals, relaxation, hot tubs, hikes, singing, games, conversation & more.  A Wonderful Spectrum of Activities & Alone Time  

To expand your week, each weekend we offer a different Exploration theme.  You can choose your Workshop Week according to topics that tickle you most. 

Or, you are also invited to come just Friday to Sunday to enjoy the Weekend Exploration, great food, fun & expansive activities & wonderful women.


A Full-Spectrum Blend of Activities Unfolds the Ideal Workshop Experience

Learning, Personal Growth, Connection, Creativity, Expansion, Healing


2.  One-Week Workshop Intensives

Chronological List of Workshops, Facilitators & Topics

 Workshops run weekly Friday to Friday

 7 incredible nights & full-spectrum days


Focus Topics

Wood Cabin, House Repair, Sustainable Living, Wholeness/ Healing, Clay Floor & Plaster,

Projects, Cob, Creativity 


Wow what an inspiring array of Topics with daily Monday to Thursday sessions to encourage ongoing expansion.  Some weeks focus on the extensive breadth of talents of one Facilitator while other weeks include a luscious buffet of topics by several Facilitators.  Some Weekend Explorations are on the same theme as the week which creates a potential 10-day immersion.  Check out the two Explorations and the full week with Becky Bee , our Queen of Cob.  Ahhhhh  (extra fee for Becky’s Workshops)  Or the nothing less than incredible Creativity Week with Liliana Kleiner.


These Intensives are highlights in an already incredible season.  What a marvelous time with such gifted Facilitators.  Here too we emphasize a lot of hands-on experience.  Intensives are an opportunity to immerse even more fully into Creativity, Wholeness/ Healing or some aspect of Building. We hope you can join us!


April.  Join Jae in April and May to renovate a shed into a shared Living Area-- kitchen, bath, dining & sitting.  Rennovation includes floor, doors & windows, insulation, sheathing, counters, electric and some plumbing.  We'll also work on an addition to one of the GuestHouses so there is more opportunity to practice these steps.

In May we begin to build a series of mini-adobe bedroom cabins near the shared space.  Workshop women will actually use these Adobe-ettes this building season.  Construction includes all building steps.  We can probably actually build an entire Adobe-ette each week.  How fun! 

Time permitting, we may also build shade ramadas that will be the frame for future adobe houses.  

These are our most intensively focused building weeks. There are no weekend workshops in April or May so we will generally build 4-5 of the 7 days.



  May.  An absolutely super week with Erin and Pascha as we explore Permaculture and a really fun range of Sustainable Living sessions.  This is a week to come if you can!


   June.   We have a fun mixed week of Projects with Jae and Film with jody.


  July.  Our fantastic Wholeness/ Healing Intensive features  several incredible Practitioners in a range of modalities.  This is the perfect opportunity to really focus on You and Your Wellness.  Daily sessions plus opportunity to work privately with each Healer.  We are so fortunate to have women with the scope of skills like Ellen Shapiro as we explore Aliveness & Self discovery or Maureen Hearns leading us in Healing Ourselves and each other with Chanting.

Plus Connie Collins provides opportunities to practice basic massage and jody concentrates on communication.

Later in the month our Intensive focuses on Adobe Clay Floors & Plaster.


 August.  Oh my oh my this entire month is packed with four nothing less than tremendous Intensives.  Our Building Projects Week includes building compost toilets, water collection systems and more.  A real opportunity is the range of plumbing experiences with Darcy Brazen, plumber of endless skills— identifying your plumbing needs, running water & drain lines, hooking up faucets, installing sinks and tubs.  A super helpful and fun week with Jae and Darcy  on an really essential practical level.

Charoula Dontopoulos also will join us for herb and polarity workshops this week too.  She is just so amazing in her range of knowledge and skills.




  Then into 10 days with Becky Bee to focus on a complete how-to of Cob activities and instruction— build a wood-fired hot tub, envision & build a model of your cob house, build walls and wood stoves, sculpt benches and ovens.... Truly an incredible opportunity to work directly with Becky, an internationally known cob building expert.  Many fun photos on Becky’s Facilitator page.


  We move from Becky Bee's Sculpting with Cob Exploration right into a phenomenal week of diverse Creative Expression with Liliana Kleiner.  This is an absolutely amazing range of paper making, art from that paper and found objects, Creative Filmmaking, Performance Art, Expressing Dreams through artistic expression and more.  Do check out Liliana’s page for photos of some of her remarkable artwork.  We sure hope you can join us!

 Plus Liliana is facilitating a Weekend Creative Exploration in using our dreams to createas well. 


Rounding out our Workshop Season is a final Do It All week the end of August. 

Again a range of marvelous Practitioners in a spectrum of Healing Arts plus Quiet Time.  A perfect opportunity to focus on You and Your Wellness in an environment that promotes Healing on every level.  Practitioners are also available for private sessions. 

Ellen Shapiro returns for her phenomenal Gratitude, Abundance & Manifesting Majic Workshop.  Now, can anyone resist that, smile.  Plus Connie is here with massage opportunities and we expect more women to plug in this week, including Barbara Ester with one of her not-to-be-missed inspring let's create workshops.  Wow!


 For those still wanting to build we are also wrapping up our Adobe Building this week-- lots of not so odds n ends.  Plus, we are in the excitement of  get-ready-for-the- Outlandish- Celebration too.  Yep, laugh, do everything indeed.  Outstanding and incredibly fun!


3.   Weekend Workshop Explorations

Friday eve to Sunday ~ Weekends June through August



 We offer a marvelous variety of Explorations to further expand ourselves and to really round out your Outlandish Workshop Week experience. 

  Explorations focus on Creativity or Wholeness/ Healing, on a facet of Building or on something just fun and inspiring.  Often the Exploration topic expands on the theme of the week workshop. 

  There are 17 marvelous Facilitators, each highly skilled in her area and each looking to provide the expansion you are looking for.   This entire season is possible in part because these marvelous Facilitators are donating skills and much of their time to create this Expansive Experience for all of us. 

 We cannot thank or praise these women and their abilities highly enough.  They are simply each and every single one outstanding.  See the Chronological List of Workshops or the Overview & Summaries as well as pages dedicated to the work, workshops and lives of each Facilitator.  Great info and photos on Facilitator pages.



 You are welcome to stay on for an extra Weekend or to come just for a Weekend.  We encourage you to come for as long as your schedule allows.



~ Outlandish Celebration ~

August 29-31


Come As Our Guests

Festivities, Circles, Drumming, Song

Play, Great Food, Wondrous Women



Concert Saturday August 30

Lesbian Singer-Songwriter Extraordinaire


Barbara Ester



Some dorm-style beds available.

Bring your tent & gear.

RSVP by August 22


~ Join Us this Season to Focus on You ~


Learning, Expansion, Creative Expression, Healing

Connection to Self, Earth, Others & Spirit






Land Values ~ Please Note 

      This is Woman's Space, a woman-loving environment. We are Lesbians celebrating, creating and expanding space and possibilities for all women and also for Lesbian culture and community.

We are a wild plant and animal sanctuary and we honor this land and the plant, animal and mineral peoples who live here.

We value caring & respectul interaction as we honor & celebrate each other. To make this a nourishing environment for us all, we take full responsibility for ourselves, communicate directly and with caring, and interact without drama or agression of any kind. 

Just as we live in harmony with the land & creatures we live in harmony with each other and without weapons or s/m display or practice.  We interact with equal caring for the Earth on this marvelous wild plant & animal preserve.

     We value a Simple Living Philosophy.

Our construction is nontoxic & green and our air here is wonderfully pure. To maintain this preciously healthy and healing environment, we ask you to leave all scented products at home.  We gladly provide unscented and natural home care & body care products for your use. 

    We value foods that are organic, whole, local and unprocessed. Tasty is high on our list too, smile.

    We interact from our authentic Selves, wanting to be present to each other so we ask you to leave alcohol & illegal drugs at home.  We are considering a designated cigarette area removed from the buildings and activities.

   We are sorry that we cannot usually accommodate children.  We can sometimes accommodate an animal companion. 

This incredible Land & Experience encourages us

into our biggest, wisest most authentic Selves

We love sharing this amazing space with other women & Lesbians. 

We would love to share this opportunity with You!






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