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on April 7, 2017 at 7:00:45 pm
OFFICE/GUESTS  575-421-2533   ~   JAE CELL 480-745-6608 
Note area code change.
4/1/17. HI and WELCOME

 Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc

   Our 501-c-3 Nonprofit Corporation   

Programs to Benefit & Expand Possibilities for Lesbians and other Women

also sponsored by Estrogeneration, Inc


Our www.NMWomensRetreat.org website is

mostly current. Check us out and plan a visit, smile.

We would love to share this incredible land with you.


Working on possible 2017 schedule now.
We will probably not host scheduled workshops or the 2017 Outlandish Gathering.
If we do, probably August or September
Wimmin come to help with a range of much needed land tasks and projects
& equally to create community together.
Sound fun and inspiring? Join us!

Lots of info here to give you the flavor and future possibilities. Smile.


JaeHaggard@gmail.com   ~  480-745-6608


Hi and Welcome!

      Due to my health we do not plan to offer Women Build Our Own Houses and Adobe workshops this year. We are in the process of planning Workshops for 2018. Hooray.

     We will host our annual Outlandish Gathering next summer, not 2017. Women come for days or weeks, contributing as generously as your resources allow. We are a tiny nonprofit and depend on your contributions to meet land and Gathering expenses so we do have recommened contributions. Yet, it is most important to us that you are able to be here as often and long as you like, so just decide what you can afford and talk to Jae.

     If you would like to join us to more informally build, beautify and renew our land and buildings, we invite you to come on over even tho there is no scheduled workshop.
     It is an incredible experience as we focus on building community together, as we also do a range of building and other land projects that I (Jae) can no longer do myself. In 2017-18 we hope to complete a large addition to one of our adobe Guest Houses -- some interior sheathing, trim, tiles, counters and cabinets, rock work and lots of adobe plaster. Is there anything more majik than adobe, ahhhh.

      We also hope to replace windows and plaster in our 20x60 woman-built adobe guest houses.  Yep, more adobe.... And perhaps add post and beam ramada porches.

      We will do some combination of gardening, building ramadas, other construction, building repair, redoing our roof water collection systems, running new irrigation lines for fruit trees and garden, and....
      Other activities usually include reiki and other healing, hikes, singing, dancing, yoga, qui dong, writing and more--  determined by who is here and what everyone wants to offer/do. We share wonderful meals and arrange our schedule so there is ample time for ourSelves as well as connecting with others and for our projects.
     Women stay as long as they are able.  Cost is by donation-- please see suggested contribution chart simply plan to contribute as generously as your resources allow. Do not let money prevent your participation. Smile.

     Living spaces will depend on what is available when you come. We have  private Studios and cabins plus shared Studios, cots, sofas, air beds, etc. We can accommodate 8-15 women.

     We would love to share this incredible land and experience with you. Contact me at JaeHaggard@gmail.com.   www.NMWomensRetreat.org. Our 2017 Caretakers are Jae, Indygo,  Tracy, Stina, Siobhan, Susan and Tree Spirit.

Looking forward to further connections,
Jae for all of us



Lesbians Build Community

As We Build & Rebuild Outland


     When you gather with us to join the life on this remarkable land, we prioritize experiences to Connect and tasks to help Outland. We decide our daily rhythm together, and along with the building projects outlined above, we do a range of tasks the land and buildings so very much need. There is no formal planned instruction and no workshop charges. There are lots of learning opportunities.

     We try to coordinate transport to and from the land to minimize trips. Gas donation helpful. For this time when you are volunteering to help with Land tasks, we ask that you simply contribute as much of the suggested usual contribution amount as you can.  Whatever you can offer is most helpful.



     I really hope you’ll be able to join us for as long as your schedule allows. If you have any questions or want to chat, do call. Again, do not let money prevent your participation, talk with Jae about what is possible for you. If you are in a position to make an additional donation, Woman, Earth and Spirit, Inc is our tax-deductible 501-c-3.


     Even tho we do not offer a formal workshop this year,  your stay does include a similar opportunity (as described below) to learn and practice a range of construction techniques and principles. To "play"in the adobe mud. Plus, to work cooperatively with other women in a fun nourishing environment.

     We focus on both construction and community. An incredibly wonderful experience. 45 miles on I-25 from Santa Fe, nearer Las Vegas, NM. Even though about Workshops rather than our informal Gatherings, information below gives you a good sense of parts of your Outlandish experience.


Women Build Our Own Houses

Adobe, Frame and Post & Beam


Our Workshops are a total experience. We focus on Learning, Expansion, Inspiration, Connection and Fun. Instruction, hands-on building, other great women, marvelous meals, play and so much more.

We are working with adobe, post and beam as well as frame construction so you can experience a range of building options. We include the spectrum of constructions steps: site selection and preparation, foundation, floor, walls, doors and windows, electric and water, and roof.


Your specific building experiences depend on where we are on our Projects when you are here. Our schedule also addresses your needs. We want to focus on what is important to you and to do all we do in ways fitting to your physical abilities.



Specific Projects

o    Post & Beam porch. Siting and setting posts, building roof and floor, walls, doors, windows and sheathing

o  Addition to Bluebird. Continuing a large frame addition to one of our round adobe casitas— interior sheathing, insulation, wiring, trim,  adobe plaster, tile, cabinets, counters....

    o    Roof, walls and deck on WindSong, the poured/puddled adobe cabin        we built during previous Workshops.



Participants come from all over the US and Canada. We range in age from 30ies to 70ies. We are able bodied and have a range of abilities and disabilities. In these workshops we experience that everyone can build, truly.

During instruction and extensive hands-on building, we focus on basic construction principles and values, tool use, safety and cooperation. We build in ways women would choose to make the work easy on our bodies. There will be time for your specific questions. All this practical experience is helpful to imagine our own structures, the house that will nourish us and meet our needs.



Yet, I think the most important gift of these Workshops is expanding ourSelves, on many levels.

When we have self-confidence and confidence in Self, we can envision and probably do anything.

To nourish this full Self, we not only focus on construction, but we also provide ample opportunity for Connection— with Self, Earth, others and Spirit. In Connection we move beyond simple belief into Trust. We get Big, Expand. We Listen. We create and Heal.

This Connection, glimpsing and understanding what is possible, is the true heart of our Workshops. Part of our Exploration is gaining a fuller clarity about what our needs and desires really are. A fuller understanding of why we are in this life, what our role is to make a difference in the world in this cycle of our lives. What I call our LifeWork.

Our homes, like our lives, reflect our Understanding and our values.

It is the blend of experience that makes these Workshops so unique and life-changing.



Our daily rhythm reflects your needs as Participants. In general we begin our week (and our days) with check-ins. We establish our general schedule for the coming days together. Expect about a 6 hour actual building day which includes morning check-in, questions and construction tips, breaks and a picnic lunch. Food is always available at the site.

Again, timing and tasks are adjusted to your physical ability level and how you want the experience to unfold.

Together we prepare our meals and decide on other activities. Back to that philosophy of a nourishing blend of learning, working together, preparing meals, play and plenty of opportunity to connect with Others, Self, Earth and Spirit. Smile. We prepare our own breakfasts.

For our meals there are always vegan and vegetarian options and we occasionally include fish, beef or fowl. We do all we can to address your specific dietary needs. As much as possible, all food is organic. We avoid alcohol. There are no illegal substances or use on the land.

We share rooms or stay in tents or lofts. Additional sleeping is available in the Gathering Areas of the Main House. Private Studios that sleep 1-2 are sometimes available for an extra donation.

Please do not bring animal companions, scented products, weapons, alcohol or illegal drugs.

Bring your caring, loving self to work and live and communicat cooperatively.


Our focus is caring interaction and connection. 


Healing & Creativity

It is my sense that Connection is at the core of Healing and Wholeness. Here at Outland we practice appreciating and celebrating ourselves and each other. This is more than acceptance, it is cherishing.

We are Whole, intrinsically. Sometimes we forget or are out of harmony. We find that often our sense of Wholeness is a byproduct of Connection-- whether with Self, others, Earth or Spirit. As is creative expression.

We can focus on our self-healing, utilize a wide range of healing books and audio/visual materials, or work with each other.

You may also choose to work with Healers if any are present during your stay. To assist you with your Healing Journey. Contribution usually appreciated. 


Workshop Contribution

Your contribution covers all instruction and materials, workshop sessions, food, lodging, activities and access to our facilities and incredible land.

We are a tiny nonprofit and depend on Guest House and Workshop income to support this wondrous land and to make it possible for more women to be here. We here are all volunteers. Yet, it is most important to us that you are able to be here, so we ask that you simply contribute as generously as your resources allow. Additional donations are tax-deductible through Woman, Earth and Spirit, Inc.

We hope you can come for days or weeks.

In general, for these intensive Workshops (again this is Workshops not the Gathering), figure contribution as about $280-$560 per week. $75 per night, more or less. Add about $150-200 per week for a private Studio. There are no additional fees or taxes. If you can afford more, it's ever so helpful. If this is too much, don't let money prevent your coming. Talk with me and contribute what you are able.

A reservation deposit of $200 or more is greatly helpful. Check to Outland or credit card through your Paypal account (quite easy to set up) to JaeHaggard@gmail.com (may show as Nelson Nook).

When you know your ideal dates, we’ll try to coordinate with everyone coming to transport you to and from the land. We are just over an hour from Santa Fe off I-25 on the way to Las Vegas, NM. A contribution towards gas will be appreciated.





All our sessions

provide a unique opportunity

participants  find

life-changing, transforming and inspiring.


We look forward to sharing

this land and experience with you.


    Looking forward to further Connections!      

~ Jae, Indygo,Tracy, Stina, Siobhan, Susan Tree Spirit ~


We do invite you to visit us


at our marvelous 1000-acre New Mexico


high desert wildlife refuge


to regenerate, create and heal.




Savor the tranquility

of our beautiful woman-built adobe Guest Houses.


We'd really would love to share this incredible land with you!

~ smiles ~




Mi Casa, woman-built adobe Guest House






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