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    I believe that we are each intrinsically Whole. Our Healing comes from inside as we realign with our Wholeness. From and with Spirit, if you will.

     I believe that we live in a fear-based culture. When we fear we cannot Love or Connect or Create or Expand. Our fears remove us from our awareness of our intrinsic Wholeness.

     We have internalized fears on countless levels. Our fears learned in a society that too often dislikes or diminishes us as women. Fears of not being enough or not being right in a society that too often points out our perceived failings. Our fears of scarcity, there not being enough for everyone, learned in a culture that emphasizes competition and that defines who has access to what. Fears that if people know who we really are, they will not like us.

     We live afraid of what might happen, what danger lies waiting for us, what disease will strike. We fear we might fail.

     When we fear, we cannot love, cannot expand, cannot connect. When we fear, we get smaller-- contracting, we remove ourselves from our innate Connection with ourSelves, the Earth and each other.

     Healing is realigning ourSelves with our intrinsic Wholeness.

     A primary goal here at Outland is to provide an environment and activities to help draw every one of us into our Wholeness. Let's get BIG! 

     Our intent is that you leave here more Connected to the Earth, others and to yourSelf-- with a deeper understanding / Knowing of what you are in this life to do. With a more immediate recognition of the difference that you can and indeed DO make in this world.

   In order to build or do anything else fully and well, it is essential that we feel as close to our 'best' as possible, that we feel big, open, well, energized, confident and Whole.

     Our priority in this Workshop, as in every Woman, Earth & Spirit event, is an experience that motivates and expands us all on every level-- skills, personal development, creativity, friendship, Healing, and spiritually. 


     One of the special offerings at the New Mexico Women's GuestHouse, Retreat & Healing Center is the opportunity to focus on Healing on an amazing Land that in Herself draws us into Harmony, in an environment that encourages us into Wholeness. Therein lies true Healing.

     At the same time there is support to address specific dis-ease as you focus on Self-Healing.

     Sometimes it is helpful to have help. Here there is opportunity for Assisted-Healing working with a wondrous Healer who lives here on the land or with other Healers who are here periodically.

     We invite you to work with the several wondrous Healers who will be here through the Spring and Summer. They are available during free time and other hours every day for consultations and treatments. You will make consultation, treatment and payment arrangements with each Healer directly.

     Our Resident Healer, Dr. Karin Schaufele, has been a Health Care Provider since 1986 and is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine trained and highly skilled in an impressively broad range of modalities ~ Eastern, Alternative, Energetic, Western as well as Ritual and Ceremony. She is particularly gifted in her Intuition & ability to address Our Wholeness physically, emotionally and spiritually.

     She is currently offering her work in Europe and will likely be here and availaboe to work with you some part of the Workshop Season.ectly. To learn more, click to visit Karin's website. Make appointment and payment arrangements with her when you arrive.

Earth Body Wisdom       505-421-2533


     Healing is about Wholeness-- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Healing is being able to accept love fully, to love wholly.

     We encourage you to use this Workshop opportunity to move more into yourSelf, into Wellness, into Wholeness.

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