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Weeks 1-5,  1  April 4-11


Build Your Wood Cabin & Construction Principles Intensive


Jae Haggard





Week 1  April 4-11

Build Your Wood Cabin & Construction Principles Intensive

Jae Haggard



Workshop Summary

    Wow, we will indeed build from beginning to end a cabin that will then house Workshop participants for the summer. Post & Beam structure with walls, doors, windows, sheathing, floor, compost toilet, sink, and all those homey necessities for an enclosed 3-season living space.


Week 1-A  April 4-6

Construction Principles Intensive

Jae Haggard



About Jae

    I've been building houses and other buildings on Womyn's land since 1974. Hard to believe it's been that many years and that  those structures range from Minnesota to Alabama to here at home at Outland in New Mexico, as well as other states in between. I've built frame, cordwood, post & beam and adobe.

When building I focus on nontoxic, green, anyone-can-build-and-maintain, affordable and accessible.


    Was I an experienced carpenter? No way. My then-partner and I started building our own house because it was the only way we could afford to have one. Between us all we had ever built was a bookcase.  Neither of us had any experience with either power or hand tools. Building principles? What are they. We had no idea. True story.

    Now, I know enough about building to glimpse how much I don't know. It's those I-don't-knows that can stop a gal. But, I persevere. If something doesn't turn out as needed or expected, well there are most always a lot of ways to change or fix it. Besides, as the guy who taught me how to pour concrete said repeatedly, "It's not a piano."

    I know that if I could start from point zero, most wimmin can. I know you can.

Even after a one week workshop and obviously moreso if you can stay longer, you too can go home and start building. So, let's explore possibilities and unfold this adventure together.


    I love building and I believe if we have the confidence we can do most anything. Add a few principles and skills and we are on our way. If we know we can provide our shelter and our food, we also know and trust thatwe can ourselves and with others move through most any situation that presents itself.

    Pretty core I would say.

    So, in the range of Construction Weeks we will learn basic principles, skills and tools use. As, or more, important, we will participate in a range of activities that nourish Connection-- with Self, Earth, others and Spirit. In Connection we also find Wholeness / Healing. Creativity / Expression too are almost inevitable. It's all one lovely package-- connection, healing, creativity.


    We find self-confidence and confidence in Self.


    I invite you to join me and a lot of other amazing wimmin as we build cabins, connections and lives.




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