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Week 20 ~ August 15-24

Creativity Intensive

Liliana Kleiner


In this wondrously diverse Creative Week we will explore

Paper-Making, Sculpture, Painting, Creative Film, and…


        This is simply an outstanding week, another real highlight, with a wondrous spectrum of creative options.

      We start the week with Becky Bee's Cob Sculpture Weekend Exploration Friday to Sunday Aug 15-17.  Monday through Thursday we immerse into a range of daily sessions with Liliana.  Yummmm

        Then on Aug 22-24 Liliana offers a Weekend Exploration (focus to be decided) which is also the start of our final Creativity / Wholeness / Quiet plus Adobe Wrap-up Week.  Wow!!!

  Liliana much looks forward to working with us.  She says,  "I will love to do,


        1 .  Hand Made Paper from organic materials 

        2.  Printmaking -  woodcuts and/or  linocuts

        3.  Drawing and Painting 

        4. the art of  Argentinean Tango dance

        5. the art of  Understanding and Working with your own Dreams  (so called dream analysis )

        6. Mask making and performance

        Some of these sessions may be combined ~ for example, painting, mask making and performance can be combined with working with your dreams in a creative way. "

       Oh what fun!

       Plus, Liliana is delighted to share her knowledge and experience on and around the art of film making, with the emphasis on creativity more than the technical video skills.

       I am grinning just thinking of this week with this incredible womon.

        We really hope you can come!



        Liliana Kleiner is a Canadian-Argentinean-Israeli artist who has done work in visual arts, film, dance, performance and writing.  She also has a Ph.D. in Psychology, specialising in Jungian dream analysis. 

Her latest work called The Song of Lilith, her 1st published book, is a gorgeous reproduction of her hand-made artist book.  It’s a collection of woodcuts telling the story of the Hebrew Goddess, Lilith, printed on hand made paper, with the addition of poetic text written in her three languages, Hebrew, Spanish and English (she also speaks French). 

        Her art films, Lesbian Tango and  Lilith and the Tree are poetic commentaries on patriarchal societies and gender roles, and have been shown at festivals worldwide.  




        Liliana has lived and worked in Israel, Montreal, Mexico, and is currently based on Galiano Island on the West Coast of Canada.  There she lives simply on her land, off the grid, in the woods by the sea, in her cabin studio which she built herself. 

        She spends her winters in Israel and is working on creating Israel's 1st Wimmin's Kibbutz.

      We are thrilled that Liliana, an incredibly gifted artist with an international reputation, is able to join us for an entire week. Most assuredly a most inspiring week to savor and remember!

        Liliana is bringing some of her smaller art pieces to sell and is available for private work as well for an additional fee.      
















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