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Page history last edited by JAE HAGGARD 15 years, 8 months ago

Outland & New Mexico Women's GuestHouse, Retreat & Healing Center






Check www.NMWomensRetreat.com after December

for Outlandish Adobe & Celebration details 2009. 


What an absolutely marvelous Adobe 2008 we have had. 

We hope you can join us next year!









Chronological List of All Workshops

Revised and Updated the third week of June





Choose the dates & topics just right for you.


Suggested sliding scale rate, or whatever you can afford

Please be as generous as your resources allow.

It really makes a difference.

 Talk with Jae to offer what you can afford.


Week Workshop* $590-$220, includes one Weekend Exploration*

$220 per week deposit


Extra Weekend or Weekend Exploration only $290-$120

$120 deposit


Month $1770-$660

$660 deposit


* Becky Bee’s workshops have a higher fee.




 In the midst of busy lives, Facilitator schedules can change.

That means details could still adjust or shuffle.

Tell us in advance if your participation is

dependant on a particular topic or Facilitator


 1.     April 4-11        Frame Building Renovation; Wood Cabin;

                                         Land & Home Repair ~ Jae Haggard

 2.     April 11-18      Same as Week 1

 3.     April 18-25     Same as Week 1

 4.     April 25- May 2        Same as Week 1


 5.     May 2-9          Renovation 


 6.     May 9-16        Same as Week 5


7.     May 16-23      Sustainable Living Intensive

         A.  May 16-18            Permaculture Garden & Principles

                                                   ~ Erin Lloyd Ortigoza         

         B.  May 19-21            Sustainable Living ~ Pascha


 8.     May 23-30                 Renovation

 9.     May 30-June 6          Renovation & Adobe Building

         A.  May 31-June 1      Construction Principles & Projects 


 10.   June 6-13                   Renovation & Adobe Building Week

         A.  June 7                   Range of construction videos

                                                    Informal Recording Our Lives:  Basic Film ~ jody   

 11.    June 13-20                Renovation & Adobe Building Week

         A.  June 14                Basic Home Electricity & posible Solar Van Tour                                                   


12.   June 20-27                Adobe Building Week

         A.  June 21                Herbs & Tinctures ~ J'Etana (tentative)



 13.   June 27- July 4       Adobe Building & Communication Week

         A.  June 28               Construction Principles for a small shed


               June 30-July 1    Pour adobe and begin cabin roof


          B.  July 2 or 3          The 3 C’s:  Communication, Consensus & Collectivity ~ jody


14.   July 4-11                   Wholeness/ Healing Intensive

         A.  July 5-6              Aliveness & Self Discovery:  Increase Your Vitality & Lifeforce

                                                 ~ Ellen Shapiro (take link for lots more details)


          B.  July 7-8              Hand building and sculpting with clay ~ Connie  Collins & jody jewdyke


         C.  July 9-10              Massage & Reiki, ~Connie


15.   July 11-18                 Adobe Building Week ~ workshop sessions Monday through Thursday & possibly Saturday


16.   July 18-25                Adobe Building Week ~ workshop sessions Monday through Thursday & possibly Saturday

17.   July 25- Aug 1          Adobe Building Week ~ workshop sessions Monday through Thursday & possibly Saturday

         A.  July 26               Construction Principles


18.   Aug 1-8                     Plumbing, Projects & Herbs Week 

         A.  Aug 2-3               Design & Install Your Plumbing ~ Darcy Brazen

           B.  Aug 4-6                Compost Toilet & Water Collection ~ Jae

           C.  Aug 6-7                Herbology & Polarity Healing ~ Charoula Dontopoulos 


19.   Aug 8-17                   Comprehensive 10-Day Cob Building Course  ~ Becky Bee. 

                                                    Note extra fees. 

                                               10-day (week including 2 weekends) $930-$390;

                                                    Week (includes first weekend) $690-$320; One Weekend $340-$170

         A.   Aug 9-10            Build a Cob Hot Tub!

         B.   Aug 11-13            Cob Principles plus Envision & Model Your Cob House or Project

         C.   Aug 14                 Let’s Start a Cob Wood Oven!

         D.  Aug 16-17            Sculpt with Cob ~ Building a Bench & Oven


20.   Aug 15-22                  Expansive Creativity Intensive, Let’s Play! ~ Liliana Kleiner

                                                    `It is likely that Liliana will have to cancel for this year.  if that happens we will offer


                                                      other creative session such as hand building with clay, writing, and woodworking.  We

                                                      will also then continue with more construction the cabin/ adobe-ettes

        A.  Aug 16-17             Sculpt with Cob ~ Building a Bench & Oven

         B.  Aug 18-21             Marvelous range of Creativity with Liliana ~ Repeat, Liliana may not be able to make it


                                            Handmade paper, drawing & painting, mask making and / or...

          C.  Aug 23-24            Use Your Dreams to Be Creative ~ Liliana or construction overview



2.     Aug 22-29                Wholeness/ Healing and Creativity Week plus Adobe Building Wrap-up

        A.  Aug 23-24            Use Your Dreams to Be Creative ~ Liliana or construction overview


         B.  Aug 25-26            Gratitude, Abundance & Manifesting Magic ~ Ellen Shapiro

         C.  Aug 27                  Massage/ Reiki or Clay/ Woodworking ~ Connie Collins

         D. Aug 28                  Creating with Your Muse ~ Barbara Ester




Outlandish Celebration

Join Us As Our Guests


Friday August 29- Sunday August 31



Festivities, Circles, Drumming, Song, Play, Great Food


Concert Aug 30 Singer-Songwriter Extraordinaire

      Barbara Ester





Some dorm style rooms available.  Bring your tent.



We Look Forward to Sharing

this Incredible Land &

Expanding Experience

with You!




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