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List of Facilitators

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Our Wondrous Facilitators

Oh What Talented Women & Fun Sessions!


See 21- Week Overview for Summary of Sessions and see page designated to each Facilitator

for detailed workshop description, Facilitator bios & photos.

 Some Dates and Topics are not confirmed.  Unexpected circumstances could change any dates or topics.


Barbara Ester

          Concert on August 30 during outlandish Celebration       


Becky Bee                                       

          Cob Intensive and 2 Exploring Cob Weekend Explorations


Colleen Donahue  

        Wholeness/ Healing ~  pending


Charoula Dontopoulos 

          Herbs ~ Grow & Use for Healing ~ pending


Connie Collins                                   

          Wood Working, Reiki, Massage



Darcy Brazen                                   

           Basic Home Plumbing & Water Lines plus Install Your Tub & Sink



Ellen Shapiro                              

        Range of Wholeness / Healing.  Aliveness & Self-Discovery.  Gratitude, Abundance & Manifesting Magic


Erin Lloyd Ortigoza                 

        Permaculture Garden & Principles


Jae Haggard                    




        Add Solar to Your RV or Van



Jezz Jesmain                     

        Exploring Southwest Archaeology ~ Pending


Joan Margaret                        

        Postponed to 2009



jody jewdyke                       

         Recording Our Lives:  Basic Film & Photography;  Communication & Concensus


 Laurie Campbell               

         Design & Install a Basic Solar System ~ pending



Lawanda Siniard                       

         Basic House Wiring ~ pending


Liliana Kleiner                        

         Creativity Intensive & Workshop Exploration on marvelous range of expression



Maureen Hearns                    

         Healing Ourselves & Others With Chanting & Sound 



        Sustainable Living, a broad spectrum, Week Sustainable Living Intensive



Rissa Miller                      

        Yoga ~ Pending


Shannon & Wendy          

        Postponed to 2009                       








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